Morning Nov.12,2012, new Rector of HCMC University of Science (HCMUS) - Prof., Dr. Tran Linh Thuoc was solemnly announced for the term 2012-2017.The ceremony of the Rector Announcement was held at the HCMUS in participation with representatives of Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam National University-HCMC (VNU-HCMC), delegations of Authorities and Universities in the city and hundreds of officials, students over the past and present coming to attend this ceremony.
At The University of Science, HCMC on Nov 05,2012,  Singapore Polytechnic (SP) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)  with the HCMC University of Science, Vietnam National University (HCMUS-VNU) concerning with Conceive, Design, Implement, and Operate (CDIO) Framework for Rethinking Engineering Education in Vietnam Project.
  • Faculty of Chemistry
    Faculty of Chemistry
    Offering undergraduates and graduates fundamental and special knowledge in Organic, Inorganic, Physical, and Analytical Chemistry. Activities of training, researching and educational exchanges with Vietnam and international partnerships are frequently organized.
  • Faculty of Information Technology
    Offering completely fundamental and advanced IT knowledge to capture the latest technologies. Design and implement hardware & software applications in administration, GIS, Map Management, Recognition, Image processing, Network security,  E-commerce...
  • Faculty of Physics and Engineering Physics
    Giving a diversity of studies and researches for all students with practical programs in Physics & Engineering Physics. Offering a lot of chances and opportunities to get higher education and researches in Vietnam and overseas.
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
    Covering fundamental knowledge of mathematics conducive to expertise in the subject matter and its applications to different areas of science and technology.
  • Faculty of Geology
    Providing students with basic knowledge of structural Geology, Geomorphology, Applied Geomorphology, GIS. It's more valuable to understand in the fields of aerial photographs, satellite images and in exploration of oil, mineral, water resources … 
  • Faculty of Environmental Science
    Faculty of Environmental Science
    Providing an integrated, quantitative and dynamic processes of environmental systems. Students will be working on different subjects like Environmental Science; Natural Resources and Environment; Environmental Management; Environmental Informatics; Coastal Resources and Environment.
  • Faculty of Biology
    With flexible choices from a variety of biological fields such as Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Plant Biology, Ecology and Organism Resource, undergraduates & graduates will easily approach a profound understanding on the study of life and living organisms.
  • Faculty of Materials Science
    Offering with fundamental knowledge about structures and properties of materials. To study and research on the crystal growth, synthesis of materials, materials characterization Techniques, thin films, Ceramics, Polymers, & materials applications ...
  • Software Engineering Laboratory (Selab)
    Software Engineering Laboratory (Selab)
    Researching new technologies, and giving a good environment for student to familiar before graduating.
  • International Training & Education Center (ITEC)
    Organizing education and training programs in association with trustworthy Universities from USA, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, ITEC ensures an education and training as well as Certificates well recognized Internationally.
  • Computer Science Center
    Computer Science Center
    Gaining specific credibility and prestige among Vietnamese students and professors, contributing to the progress of Vietnam's IT.